I am an Ex Crossroads Demon named Nick, who has gone rogue. I don't serve Lucifer any more. He just doesn't know it yet.
Things you should know about Nick:

Nick is gay.

In order to make money, Nick hustles on street corners or works the occasional odd job.

Nick is a chain-smoker, and is always asking for, or smoking a cigarette.

He is 6' 2"

Nick only uses his demon powers if he is provoked, as he is trying to keep a low profile from hunters or other demons.

Nick's character is loosely based on the type of demons in Supernatural.
I am an independent rp'r who will play anyone of any verse, However, I only do NSFW with people who are 18 or over as I am well over 21.

Will gladly play non-sexual rps with anyone.

Face claim is Nick Cave.

Most .gifs are not mine

tag me as theycallmenick

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