I am an Ex Crossroads Demon named Nick, who has gone rogue. I don't serve Lucifer any more. He just doesn't know it yet.
Things you should know about Nick:

Nick is gay.

In order to make money, Nick hustles on street corners or works the occasional odd job.

Nick is a chain-smoker, and is always asking for, or smoking a cigarette.

He is 6' 2"

Nick only uses his demon powers if he is provoked, as he is trying to keep a low profile from hunters or other demons.

Nick's character is loosely based on the type of demons in Supernatural.
I am an independent rp'r who will play anyone of any verse, However, I only do NSFW with people who are 18 or over as I am well over 21.

Will gladly play non-sexual rps with anyone.

Face claim is Nick Cave.

Most .gifs are not mine

tag me as theycallmenick

Nick cleaned himself up better than usual, as he had another date planned with Kerian. He hoped the demon-vampire liked what he saw as he couldn’t stop thinking about him, and the great sex they’d had, the night before last.

He grabbed his coat and his keys and locked up his motel room, before lighting up a cigarette and taking the long walk to the other side of town where things were not only more expensive, but clean. Where he lived there was a certain grit that constantly reminded you of where you belonged and that there was no escape.

That was one of the reasons he couldn’t believe a man like Kerian found him attractive. He didn’t want to question it too much though, just wanted to enjoy it.

Nick walked up the drive, until he got to Kerian’s door. He rang the doorbell and then waited, looking at his reflection in a window to double check that he looked good.

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